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Gerhard Steyn at Greenfield Lodge

If you don’t know who Gerhard Steyn is, you need to get out more.  Gerhard Steyn is one of South Africa’s top Afrikaans singers.  His most popular song to date is “Baby Tjoklits“. Greenfield Lodge hosted Gerhard’s performance…an event for the whole family.  To top it off, you could bring your own drinks. This type...

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Kruispad location shoot

“Kruispad” is an upcoming christian rock”-ish” band in our area. I had the honour to shoot some images for their marketing. All of the best to Vaughan and his band members, with their music. Enjoy the images.

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Shooting Morkel

Since I left the corporate world, there are no more “company arranged” workshops, training sessions or personal improvement courses. If I want to learn something new or practice a new technique, I have to do it myself….I miss the corporate world….a little bit I recently watched a video about a specific lighting technique and today...

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