The clothing that you wear for a photo session has a huge impact on the end result. If you wear clothing with too many different colors, it can reduce the impact of the images. I have found that earthy colors such as blue, green and brown are very effective. Jeans are always a winner.

Your clothing consideration becomes even more important when photographing groups of people. Everybody in the group should try to wear the same shades of colors so that no one attracts more attention that the others as a result of a too bright or dark colored clothing. The same guideline also applies to the type of clothes that the group wears, i.e. casual or formal wear.  A very popular option is for everybody in the group to wear blue jeans and either white or black shirts.

The best color for baby clothing are white or any soft pastel color. You are also welcome to bring along some of your baby’s favorite toys and anything you can put on their heads.

For a maternity photo session, such as my very popular Bump-2-Birth package, tight fitting clothes works best, such as ski pants and boob-tubes.  Again, plain colours are best.  You are also welcome to bring lingerie that you feel comfortable wearing.  All my photo sessions are done very professionally and with the utmost discretion.  For these sessions you can also bring along some of baby’s toys or blankets as props.

I very often photograph babies also in the nude, if the parents desire such photographs.  I will never show any of the baby’s private parts, or anything distasteful in my images.  If you want photos of you holding your baby, the best clothing for you to wear is a black T-shirt or a black long sleeve shirt.

May 23, 2017 - 16:25

John Mofokeng - clothing prices

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